Inner Passage

I’m seriously entertaining the thought of an extended paddling trip in the inner passage and possibly beyond in a few years, but i have not seriously researched the topic yet. I’ll go ahead and admit i am not the most experience paddler out there, in fact I’m quite the novice. I am willing and keen to learn new things, and i would say i have extensive outdoor experience already. So, in lieu of a long backpacking trip, I was wondering what is the longest possible trip I could take in one summer, if I could commit the entire summer. Could I concievably paddle from Vancouver to Juneau, or even farther, to Valdez? Or is that absolutely ridiculous? If i wanted to stop in Valdez, where could i concievably start? Like I said i can commit the entire summer to it, but i’m also wondering which months would be the best? June, July, and August, or would it be better to start earlier or later? Just wanting to know some basic things here, I don’t need to know what gear i need or anything, I can figure that one out later.

I have been there a few times and want to paddle it too, but probobly something shorter like Juneau to Haines or Skagway.

Check out Guide to Sea Kayaking in Southeast Alaska

by Jim Howard. It has maps of different regions, and info for planning a trip.

Inside Passage Registry
Check out the Inside Passage Registry at for trip reports, books, lots of great information.

What a great resource!