Inno Racks, Malone Racks, Yakima

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The wife bought a new/used vehicle a few weeks ago. Our old Thule racks were bent, scraped, looked like heck so getting new rack system for her 2010 Dodge Journey. Since I have a couple used Yakima bars, I first looked at the Yakima Rail Grabs. There are factory bars on the vehicle, so need one of the rack systems that "Grab" on to them. Noticed that Inno and Malone both have the same type system and both are a bit cheaper? Thule is out of the running, since they would be over $100 more than I would spend for the Yakima. Wondering if anyone had used any of these 3 systems and had any feedback? Thanks.

look at these I got a set for my van and they sell rubber caps to go on the rails if you perfer. Very heavy duty.

Look good, come with locks. Only used them for short local drives for carrying short boats.

Installation on Subaru Impreza rails takes ~5min. Need a hex key which is a PIA, I prefer a hex driver.


That Looks Really Heavy Duty
But can’t seem to find longer racks? Needs to be wide enough for two canoes. Am I missing them on the site? Thanks!

Free Locks
Noticed that with both the “Other” companies. Paying an extra $50 for locking cores just seems a bit like “Gouging” to me.

they must make longer ones. I have them on my full size van and they are 72" long. you would have to call them.


INNO… impressive!
I just bought a complete setup of the INNO brand…full rack and kayak stacker for a 10 ft. and 12 ft. kayak. I did A LOT of research… the quality of INNO is easily that off Yakima or Thule, at a pretty good price. The INNO racks also come with all 4 locks. Overall I saved about $250 over Yakima or Thule for the same setup. The rack is rock solid.

INNO racks also come in silver (and black)… my car is silver so it really made made it look somewhat more attractive.

I orderd from Also found some discount codes by googling online. Just my thoughts…

I’ve been Looking at ORS’ Videos
I like the fact that ORS has so many installation videos on Youtube too. Never bought anything from them, though, so that’s good to hear. I just can’t see paying $$more for Yakima and $$$more for Thule WITHOUT locks included. Thanks!

No problem… actually seeing the videos is what sold me on ORS and the INNO rack. Being able to see it on the car and actually holding a boat makes a biig diifference.

Yakima Lowriders Anyone?

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Noticed some online, BRAND NEW AND CHEAP. They are discontinued but seem to have good reviews?

We’ve got lowriders,
on our Chevy Tahoe. Very solid and reliable. Thousands of miles logged with two or three boats on the roof. From the Keys to the 'dacks, to Zion and beyond. We’ve seen some bad winds, too.

BTW, you can find Yakima lock sets on Ebay for a very reasonable price. Easy to change the lock cores with the included master key.



Lock cores
I don’t view it as gouging. I have a set of lock cores and I can change them in and out of various pieces of equipment as my need dictates. This eliminates the need for more keys on my keyring.

Thanks, T
That, along with the reviews I found on line pushed me to pull the trigger on the Low Riders I found on E-bay. They are new and the shop selling them seems to be reputable, so… The Inno Racks were about $40 more than the Low Riders. So, with two sets barely used Gunnel brackets I also bought on E-bay (they retail for $80-89 bucks) and the Low Riders I’m out about $170. The thing I noticed in the videos and reviews on the Low Rider is that they seemed to be easily removed? That would be great, as my wife likes drive through car washes and canoe racks don’t! Thanks for everyone who helped!

It’s a Matter of Opinion
$55 for 4 of the little locks are more expensive than a few “Substantial” dead bolts at a hardware store. Yakima charges $10 for 4 plastic end caps? $89 for 4 gunnel brackets? Sorry, but IMHO the little “Accessories” are expensive.

Yes, they remove easily…
not quite as quickly as a Qtower, but you just open and unscrew the clamp on each side, and lift it off.

I think it’s best to take them off when not in use. Less UV damage, chance of theft, wind resistance, etc.

You’ll like them, I’m sure.


you must be a rack tightwad like me…lol

Well, Jack…
… racks and accessory costs, like gas and medical costs, seemed to have accelerated much quicker than my paycheck over the years (LOL)!

I’m pretty much a tightwad…
all the way around. But if I can score a 'yak, canoe, or rack for a whole lot less than retail, and I want it, I’m all over it.


Great Minds…
…think alike, although; my buddies would laugh if they thought i was referring to MY mind (LOL)!

I bought two pairs of Malone J cradles for my Xterra five or six years ago and I love them.I haul a 17", and a 14" poly kayak and they perform perfectly. Also, when they arrived, the included bolts were too short but a phone call later and they were on the way at no charge. The package arrived three days later, and, when I opened the box, I found four extra straps.

I dont know why I don’t see more of them arround as at the time I bought them, they were the cheapest J cradles I could find, and had lots of very favorable reviews.