innova d rings

I have a mk1 innova sunny and wish to add D rings to the tubes to increase options for attaching seats / apron etc.

Can onyone advise the best way to attach them


gonna try that myself
I plan to try that with a Pakboat folding kayak I recently bought – similar material (inflatable sponsons along the side walls.) I’ve always been impressed with the strength of patches and reinforcement strips I’ve stuck on the hulls of my folding kayaks and their inflatable components using the standard adhesive patch kits so I have planned to cut strips of vinyl patch material the width of the d-ring straight side and maybe 4" long. I’ll slip the d-ring on, fold the strip in half and glue the halves together. Once the glue sets up in a day or 2 I’ll use the same adhesive to position the tab on the deck or hull gunwales.

I’ll probably practice this with some scraps of material first before applying any to the boat itself. It might require expanding the overall area of the patch tab itself to get the right strength.

you might want to post your question on the site user forums. COuld be more folks over there who have modified Innovas and other inflatables. A call to the factory rep might even prove useful. I’ve no doubt this is something others have considered and likely done already.

Aqua Seal
Use Acetone to clean both surfaces, this will clean up the area as well as take a microscopic bit of fabric that “roughs up” the patching area. Then just use standard Aqua Seal, works as well as anything else.

I’ve spoken to Tim at Innova a few times about this and this is the method he suggested. Has worked pretty well for me so far.