Innova Safari

I own a couple of hardshells but I don’t want to car top an 18 foot boat from NJ to FL and would like something lightweight and portable to use to explore bays and rivers off the Gulf of Mexico. I like the Safari’s 24 pounds but I expect the boat I buy to move along at 3 knots with minimal effort. Is this too much to expect from a boat that is only 10 feet long? Also, the longest paddle I own is 220cm; will that be too short for the Safari’s 28 inch width? Thanks, Jake

Reviews for Safari by Innova Inflatable
Have you checked the reviews on P-Net. It looks like 21 reviews have been posted. Good reading.

Innova Safari
Thanks, the reviews all seem very positve. The safari looks like it would be a fun boat to paddle and with it’s low wetted suface, it should go along niccely at 3.5 mph and considering that I cruise my Caribou at only 4mph, the little boat shouldn’t be a disappointment. So far as paddle length goes, 220 cm will have to do, I don’t have anything longer. Jake

A 220cm paddle should be okay for the safari, though I use a 230 and a 235cm paddle myself. A steady 3.5 mph might be pushing it though. Very fun and capable little kayak!