Innova Seaker ?

Does anyone have experience with the Innova Seaker inflatable kayak?

Also try asking here…

They have a forum specifically for inflatables.

I checked one out in the store.
Well, over all i like it. I should say up front that i love inflatables.

However, i think you could get a similar preformance out of an Innova Sunny, or Solar II. And both boats are lighter and cheaper. Of course the Seaker is a SINK something that gives it a few advantages over the Sunny and Solar II. And the Seaker is a few feet longer than those other boats.

It’s a heavy boat, and akward to pick up. And if (when) water gets inside the boat, it will be hard to dry out the inside.

It would be a good boat if you’re thinking about a folding kayak but don’t want the time and hassle of assembly. If you’re thinking of an inflatable, you might check out Incept.