Innova Sunny Vrs Sea Eagle 380

Hi Folks,

I am looking at these two inflatables for solo outings. Any advice or preferences here on how they compare contrast through experience would be appreciated. I want to paddle mostly flatwater and occasional whitewater.

Any other boat suggestions in this range? I am considering the idea of bike-packing and or bike-shuttling so a lighter packed size and weight would help. Thanks!!

I know little about inflatables, but
my impression is that Innova is designing and constructing at a higher level than Sea Eagle. An individual SE might be a better choice than an individual Innova, but on the average, Innova is offering better, though more expensive, products.

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You'll likely get more first person feedback if you post this question over at the folding kayaks forum (there are also specific forum sections on inflatables there).

You have to register, same as here, to post on the forums but they are free.

From what I have gathered from reading posts on there, Innova makes a higher quality, more reliable craft.

Another ultralight boat is the Alpacka raft. Costly but bombproof:

I have a different Innova boat (Safari), and I’ve never paddled a Sea Eagle. Innova is a whole different cut of inflatable boat. The Safari blows up stiff, almost like a hard boat and it is much more enjoyable to paddle than other packable boats I have used, such as AE and Folbot. So, I am biased towards the Innova.


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I’ve got a Safari also and really like it. They’re light weight and heavy duty. I found mine used, so it was about half what they run new. Everyone that I’ve heard of that owns a Sunny really likes it.

Thanks a lot everyone. I appreciate the feedback. I am going to post the question on the folding kayak site.

I also like Innovas
Have a Safari and a Helios 2. Happy with both