Inputs on the Perception Carolina 13.5

I am looking to step up from my 10’ rec. boat to more of a day-tripper. I am 6’-2” and about 250#, 40’ waist and a 34’ inseam with a size 12 shoe. I will be paddling mostly calm lakes and backwaters with the occasional trip down the buffalo river. I am going to demo before I buy so I am just looking for some input besides what is on the product reviews page. What do yall like about it and hate about it and do you think that this would be a good fit for what I am going to be doing with it.

Thanks for all the help in advance.

In my opinion
your to tall for a boat that size boat. I am 6 feet 185# and had a Carolina 14.5 for several years. I would not go any shorter that that. My size 9 feet hit the deck but not to bad. Size 12 in a 13.5 boat is going to be very tight (toe curl). I would suggest going no smaller than 16 feet. demo some of these larger boats. If they are to much $ decide what you like and them buy used.

I tried a Carolina 13.5 this summer and
the cockpit felt tight and uncomfortable on me and I’m only 5’6" and 150 lbs with size 8 shoes. The 14.5 felt much better to me. I think you’d need a bigger/different boat than the Carolina 13.5.

For boats in that length that will handle someone your size, you might consider the Old Town Adventure 139XL or the Loon 138. My understanding is that the Adventure is the faster of the two boats.

i have
the carolina 13.5 2005. i am 5’4" with size 8 shoe and 155 lbs. its a perfect fit for me but if my foot was any bigger i couldnt use it. its a tight fit if youre comparing to a normal rec boat. i also have a acadia 12.5. this is narrow as far as rec boats go and i get lost in it.

I test paddled
this kayak as it had many positive reviews from owners. I found that it is a little slow and many others of comparable size paddled easier and turned quicker. As to fitting you, only you can decide on that.

I’ve only paddled the 14.5 and 16 foot Carolinas and I hated how heavy they were. It almost takes two to carry one comfortably. I have a 12 1/2 foot Walden Vista that weighs 38lbs. and can be carried so easily.