Insect Repellent Clothing

I have had great success with insect repellent apparel.

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I god clobbered by someone for bringing this up the last time it was discussed, but I still have to wonder. How many times have you washed the item and is it still working as a repellant.

The web site states “Effective through 25 washings”. That doesn’t sound very durable!

don’t see the point …
the chemical washes out after 15-20 washings and then what have you got but regular clothes, albeit very expensive.

you can achieve the exact same thing much cheaper by spraying clothing with Permethrin which can be bought at virtually any outdoors store or KMart even.

Permethrin bad stuff?
I had heard that it causes all sorts of narsty things and who knows what else in 20 years. Flipper babies and cancer and the shambling mounds.

The best way to pick your clothing to keep the biters at bay is tight cuffs and long enough to tuck in. How bad can the bugs be? Famous last words.

causes all sorts of narsty things ??
that’s why you spray in ON YOUR CLOTHES, rather than on your body, eh? :wink:

What’s on my clothes
is on my body. Napoleon never taught me to stop wiping my nose with my sleeve. :wink:

ah, in that case …
i guess you’ll just have to put up with the bugs, eh? i use my sleeves too actually but i just hate the bugs worse.

Permethrin has iits place
Applied according to directions you should have minimal exposure to the active ingredient. Permethrin is an analog to naturally occurring repellants (pyrethroids) found in crysanthemum lillies, which are among the LEAST dangerous insecticides.

I have used a permethrin spray on work pants I wear for trail building. In four years of experience, I have yet to have a tick crawl on my legs. And that is in very tick-y brush.


And Original Bug Shirts rock!