Insert a link?

How do you insert a link into a message on the forum? Just haven’t been able to figure that out.


just copy and paste
Just hilight and right-click “copy” the entire link address at the top of the window where you’ve opened it(from “http” on)and “paste” the whole thing into the text box. Like this:

Tried that
but it didn’t work. Don’t know why.

I dont think it turns blue until you’ve posted your message…mine shows up as black at first and not clickable…but once your message is posted, it will be clickable and turn blue

This link
seems to have worked, but the link in the reference message didn’t. Oh, well, nbd.

also software is a bit simplistic, it gets confused by complicated urls, also by urls starting with https

I am not saying that owners should do anything about it - anything complex is more susceptible to hacking.

A way to simplify long urls is to use url shortening proxies. There is a whole bunch, but here are two, for no particular reason,, or

never knew you could do that…

It didn’t occur to me that the https might cause the problem, but it sorta makes sense.