Inside Hull Canoe Repair

Hi all,

Inside the hull of my fiberglass canoe, there is a layer of some compound/material and I am not sure what it is, all I know is that it has worn off in many places and possibly need repairing.

It is a tan color (if this matters) and has short sting like things in it to give it texture (I imagine to avoid slipping in the canoe).

My questions are

  1. what is this stuff? What is it’s function (water proofing? etc)
  2. Is this something I could repair / should repair?

    Thanks in advanced,


What we generally think of as fiberglass is the smooth gel coat that is applied as a finish coat to the outside.

However, the real fiberglass – which includes the glass-like “strings” that hold your boat together – looks just like what you’re talking about.

Many manufacturers spray a coat of chopped fiberglass onto the floor area of a finished canoe to provide a non-skid surface.

I think it is a non-slip paint-like coat
to protect the resin from sun. Actually, unlike rwen, I have not seen chopper gun fiberglass sprayed inside on a good laminate, because the FG would be a serious irritant. I have owned two canoes that were painted inside to protect the laminate from sun.

If you really think fixing this inside stuff is worthwhile (I don’t), your best option is to reach the manufacturer to find out what it really is.