Inside kayak seam

Has anyone seen an inside glass seam that just sort of loops back and hangs there ten inches from the end pour? It’s kinda like the whistle blew on Friday and everyone hit the pub.

Yep - a Valley, no less
My Aquanaut has dangling glass tape along the seams in the stern (don’t know about the bow - I’ll have to look). This was not an issue until the boat was clipped by a rack on an old rusty pickup truck while on top of my parked vehicle. That broke out the keel line and cracked the sides of the hull at the stern, and required repairs from the inside way back there.

The dangling stuff left by the boys in Nottingham sure made that difficult! The glass tape had been wetted out, of course, before being left to dangle and was hard and tough. It was fun trying to cut it out of the way so I could lay in glass patches.

Valley has a rep for quality building, but this boat has some real rough spots. The other is the cutout for the coaming - if you peek under the coaming edge, it looks like the cut out of the deck was done with a hatchet!

It’s a strong boat, but you can tell it’s British!



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....mine is a Valley also. Like I said, it's like the whistle blew and off to the pub we go.

How did you cut…
…the dangling seam that far back in the stern?