Inside Passage and Food Drops

Am planning a 3 month paddle from Seattle to Skagway, AK beginning May 07, and wondered if anyone out there had experience with sending boxes of food and misc. across the border from US to Canada. I’ve talked to a couple folks in Canadian Customs and have gotten mixed reports. Anyone had experience with this??

Food drops
We sent a ton of stuff up to the Northwest Territories for a 3 week canoe trip a few years back via UPS and had no trouble…getting it up there. We had a heck of a time getting it back home! It bounced around all over Canada for several weeks. We eventually got it all back, but we had to send a copy of our passports to them to get it back. However, if you are just talking about food…I bet you could just send it in care of General Delivery via the US Postal service. Also, you might contact the folks at for some hints…they are Canada based and might offer some suggestions.

Inside Passage and Food Drops
Glad to hear you didn’t have a problem sending gear northward, at least. I know things are steadily tightening up regarding food coming into the states, though it mostly invoves being very specific on the declaration page about what is being shipped.

And thanks for the web site. I’ll be posting a message there also.