Inside Passage Camping

Maybe this should be posted on the “Wilderness Tripping” page but often helpful things are posted there and nobody finds them.

If you are considering an Inside Passage trip you should visit and check out the “BC Marine Trails Network” link. A gentleman from Louisiana has posted the campsites that he used on a solo trip that he took last year. Unless you know someone who did this and is sharing his campsites with you this info isn’t yet available anywhere else and campsites on the Westcoast of BC are golden.


Wavelength Magazine
My friend John K, owner of Wavelength Magazine, has added a new feature to his website that plots campsites and information for kayakers. The bulk so far is on the West Coast but it has information for other regions as well and best of all, users can post information as well. It works with Google Earth.

Cheers…Joe O’