install flotation

Any ideas on how to install split bow flotation bags. Want to put them in a Necky Manitou & there is a foam pillar under the front deck by the bow that is hard to get around.

Blow them up half way then slide them in and finish the inflation part. I would strongly recommend securing them prior to transport or you risk losing them on the highway.

Bow Flotation
bags are often tied to the forward edge of the foot peg track. Usually not a problem fishing some nylon cord through a hole in the track and attaching to one of the grommets on the float bags. Many people don’t bother and just inflate them and expect them to stay put but that’s a risk I’m not willing to take.


permanent install
If there’s enough space between the front of your foam pillar and the nose of the boat, you can try this:

  1. Tie the front ends of the two bags together with a ~6" piece of cord.

  2. Tie a long piece of cord to one of the fat ends of one airbag. Tie a small weight to the other end of the cord.

  3. Fish the weighted cord down one side, across in front of the pillar, and back up the other side. Then use it to pull one of the deflated bags through the opening.

  4. Remove the long cord and inflate both bags. They’re not going anywhere at this point.

    You also could remove the pillar temporarily, put the tethered together bags in place, and replace the pillar.

permanent install
I like that approach.

Sounds good to me also

Just a thought
This might be a stupid idea but one I’ve been thinking about.What about shooting expandable

foam in the bow and stern for floatation? Craig

foam idea
The foam idea would be great but the foam is not the best for water exposure, and if you need to get it out, it is easier to deflate the flotation bags than to dig out the foam. John

Point taken
John, what about the foam the boat manuf. put in? and once the boat is set up, why would you have to take it out? not trying to start an argument here, just wondering. I’m just thinking about putting a little in

to help. Just a thought, collecting info. Craig