Install NSI backband in Eddyline?

Have any of you installed an NSI whitewater backband in an Eddyline Nighthawk or similar Eddyline model?

Joe at the Eddyline factory showed me one and I think I want to get one - but would love to find out more about how it improved your ability to do layback rolls.



Hi Paula ~ Let me know…
…which model they are recommending to you; the touring or the larger whitewater one, and let me know how you like it if you do install one. I have been told the same thing by Eddyline for my Merlin LT, and I was going to start off with a used different name model from my local outfitter.

Eddyline recommended the larger WW one for me and my boat.


Larger Whitewater?

Are you sure the whitewater model is larger? I believe it is the other way around - the touring backband is taller from top to bottom. I want lower, to facilitate more of a layback roll.


doesn’t matter what brand, just make sure it’s a smaller one, like the whitewater ones, that doesn’t extend much past the coaming, if at all. The larger ones for touring just get in the way of rescues and impedes torso rotation and layback rolling ever so much.

Careful with metal ratchet straps. Without conscientious rinsing after usage in salt, they will rust and feeze up. I prefer simple nylon buckles.


IR Backband works too
With the NSI backband you can use the power poles to postion the band and everything is a direct replacement in terms of using exisiting mounting holes…or so it looked to me and that is what eddyline said.

I used a small IR band instead which also bolted in easily using exisiting holes. I then put two plastic mounting loops under the rear deck using adhesive to mount the bungee cords to adjust the band. It has worked great. Band is flexible, gets out of the way, stays in good position, etc. However, I must say I really do not “use” the band that much in terms of having my back against it with any force.

NSI Anatomics are awesome :slight_smile:
There’s a regular WW one and a Micro WW, that’s what was meant above. The Touring one is indeed much bigger than both of those.