Installing 70p compass

I am installing a 70p on a new kayak in the recess provided for that purpose. The flush mount compass came with a sticky-backed template for drilling the holes. Do I need to fabricate a rubber gasket to fit the frame of the compass so that it will not leak or leak at the screws? Thanks in advance for any responses.


you can just dab a little silicone over the holes ya drill. I cut that inner circle out of the template and left the backing on it 'cause it gets real flimsy otherwise. Nice compass…It’s not a bad idea to dab some more silicone on the screw tips from the inside. Sorta blunts the sharp tips…

More info if you want…

#4 bolts?
Maybe I haven’t looked hard enough but haven’t been able to find #4 brass or ss bolts to fit the holes on the P70. Holding off on the installation 'til I do or just go for the pointy sheet metal screws provided with the compass. Any suggestions as to source(s)?


Here ya go…

This supplier should have everything you need.


Alder Creek Kayak
Flatpick has previously stated here that Alder Creek Kayak stocks the necessary stainless nuts, bolts and neo washer for mounting a 70P.

yep (nm)

You don’t need them

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The screws that come with the compass work just fine on both fiberglass and plastic boats. A compass is not under any stress, so using machine screws and nuts overkill. As recommended above, a dab of sealant at each screw location is all you need to prevent leakage. There is no point in trying to seal the compass to the deck, as it leaks at the base-to-globe seam and water will get in under it. It's better to leave a path for the water to leak back out.

If you decide that you still want to bolt it in place, any hobby shop will have the necessary machine screws and nuts.

There is now a dense rubber gasket available for the 70P that helps even out irregularities in some poly molds or where a square recess, just a round one, is provided. Doesn’t seal water out of the recess just makes for a little less stress on the faceplate. The gasket costs $5.

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I used machine screws on mine, (T165). It was a bit of a PITA. If you do use the sheet metal screws be aware of the possible ripping hazard they present to bags or other stuff in the hatch.

"of the possible ripping hazard"

them buggers are very sharp and hang down just enough to catch stuff in there. personally I store my sleeping bag and clothing drybag right under my compass. remember NO metal near it.

just use machine screws and never give it a worry.



It depends on the boat…

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...and the size and location of the compass recess. Perhaps this is a real problem in some boats, but most of the boats I've installed these compasses in have recesses designed such that the screws never come near anything. Some have even had the compass recess in the cockpit, where it's not an issue at all. I can only think of one boat that REQUIRED trimming the screws and that was a Nigel Foster Silhouette. Regardless, I find it easier to nip off the ends of the screws and/or put a dab of sealant on the ends than it is to manipulate tiny screws and nuts in an area that you cannot see and may even have trouble reaching. Another simple solution is install the stock screws, back them out, trim them, then reinstall them.