Installing a Canoe Portage Yoke

I’m about to outfit my Dad’s 50 year old wood canoe with a homemade portage yoke. I’ve built the yoke and figured out where the best ‘balance point’ seems to be. My question is am I better off installing the yoke:

a) On top and achored to the gunnels?

b) Under the gunnels and achored to just the gunnels?

c) Under the gunnels and achored to both the gunnels and the sides of the canoe?

Thanks for any input / suggestions. It’s a beautiful old canoe (my yoke doesn’t do it justice, but is a necessity for this summer’s BWCA trip) and I’d like to do right by it as best I can - to say nothing of setting it up in the sturdiest way possible.


I mount under the gunnels
Secured with 2 SS (or bronze) 10x24 bolts per side.

Shouldn’t need any fasteners other
than thru the gunnels. Yoke should be under the gunnel.