Installing a compass in my VCP

Hi folks,

I purchased a used VCP Argonaut a while back, and it’s been my main squeeze, as far as kayaking is concerned.

With the purchase came a nice Silva 70P compass, which would fit neatly in the compass well in the boat. My question is this: how should I install the beast? I wouldn’t mind NOT drilling holes in the boat, and it would seem to me that some decent caulk or glue could do the trick.

I THINK that the compass may have come with a rubber gasket on the bottom, which I don’t have. What’cha think?



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archived on this topic. I wouldn’t worry about drilling holes in the boat. The compass mounts very easliy in the recess and I don’t think I would consider just caulking the instrument in there.

Get some Goop (outdoor type) from your hardware or boat store. Use it to glue toe compass where you want it. It is very strong and can be dissolved with lacquer thinner if you want to remove it later. I have installed on 3 boats this way.

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just use the screws that came with it. put something (edit) like adhesive )on them so they cannot rip a dry bag. put it on loose orient the lubber line (line on the outer globe you use to read the heading) to your boat, then tighten the screws.

Adhesives (edit) as a significant method of attachment? well, not for me. if you are solo and loose your compass, bad things might happen. Inspect the screws every year or five and you'll be ok.

This, of course, assumes that you are paddling where a compass matters. Anything works on a pond, (where I paddle quite often).

I put a 70P in mine a couple/few years ago but I don’t remember any gasket. I did put a little silicone around the screw holes just to keep them water tight.

Thank you!
Thanks, gents. Very helpful, and you’ve given me a couple of good options…