Installing a Hatch Kit.

First of all, I checked the archives and this topic appears often. BUT, the links provided are old and often no longer exist.

Second, a google-search reveals tons of hatch covers or small round kits but not what I need.

I want to install a 8x12" hatch on my plastic Dirago.

I have the bulkhead covered. I’ve done this before so know how.

I just need the entire kit! frame and cover.

I don’t care if it is hinged or pop-off. I also expect it to stick up a bit above the deck.

So, does anyone know a link whre I can find the entire kit?

as I said, the ones in the archives are for the small round kits or big square ones or, mostly, dead links.

Note: I’ve done hatches on my Scrambler but that hatch I found on Craigslist so it was a work of opportunity. It was there, cheap, so I bought it and put it in.


Is this any help?


The rim appears to be half price.

it is what I want, rim and cover…


too large.

My space only allows 8x12 max. The one you suggested will extend over the edges of the boat.

Thank you for trying.


Ryan L.

has a smaller hatch kit that will work, though the hinge is on the wrong side.

Initially it is no real matter but I cansee that after some time, it will get irritating t oclimb around or over the kayak to get into the other hatch.

So either a reverse hinge or a pop-off will do.

square won’t fit.
I am contacting OT about their small hatch which is the right size and shape but the hinge is on the wrong side. Hopefully, they will have a reverse hinge hatch.

Frankly, I’d like to be able to just move from stern to bow to unload and not have to run around the entire boat.

If not, I’ll settle for a pop-off cover.

Could this be suitable
(sorry about the last one, I misread the sizes)

oops again
Out of stock and don’t expect anymore…

Duckworks may have something

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Oops, I misread the dimensions on the oval, I thought it was 8x10, not 18x10 - oh well.