installing a neoprene neck gasket

I have an old cheapy Swift Entry drysuit with the big “Major Matt Mason” neck gasket ( Typically in the past I’ve sent it back to Kokatat for replacement. Last time I called I asked if they could replace it with a neoprene neck, like they have on the Super Nova, but they said they could not because – the Super Nova is a SEMI drysuit. In other words, for liability reasons (the Swift Entry is a DRY suit, the Super Nova is not). So I’m wondering, is there any way I can do this myself? Has anyone here ever installed a NEOPRENE neck gasket? Many thanks in advance!

i glued a glideskin neck gasket (from some drysuit company that I can’t recall) on my Stohlquist semi-drytop. Used Aquaseal, or SealCement (I forget which). It works nicely. If I could get a neck gasket that were wide enough to fit my kokatat suit, I might think of doing the same with that one.

There are DIY instructions at…

I’m planning on trying it on my girlfriend’s dry suit, but unfortunately, the source listed for glideskin neoprene doesn’t answer email inquiries. If anyone knows of a more cooperative source, please let me know.

try brooks
I noticed on their website that they sell sheets of neoprene, including glideskin.