Installing a PVC Keel strip??????

I would like to get a keel strip for my Impex-cat-4

Has anyone used these PVC (Peel & stick) or should I go with glass or Kevlar???

we are using a keel guard on our kayaks
The peel and stick can work well but there are both good versions and crappy ones. After a wee bit more testing you can expect to see a full test report with pictures on our Peregrine Kayaks website. Some time in mid May.

Thanks…will be looking for it.

First, make sure you really need
a keel strip. You can always just let the keel wear until you know it needs fixing. Then it’s easy to add a glass strip.

And don’t ever think of Kevlar for a keel strip on a fast boat. It has mediocre compression strength and it fuzzes badly.

Reminds me of the old adage:
If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

Thats good to know…Thanks

impex keel strip
The guys at Impex have mentioned that they overbuild the bow and stern with an extra thick layer of gelcoat to eliminate the need for a keel strip.

My 6 year old Cat 5 bears witness to that.

But i guess if you seal launch every day it couldn’t hurt. I sorta like the look of keel strips.

keel strips
The PVC keel strips sold as KeelEasy are easy to apply, stick well, and really protect your boat. I would not paddle my carbon Warren Light Craft without the keel strips.

Thanks for the info

I installed a PVC keel strip today…
on my new kayak. The strip was white with a peel off backer that hid sticky adhesive. I used an industrial heat gun to help insure a good bond around the curved areas around stem and stern. I trimmed around the skeg hole with a razor knife and cut the ends with scissors.

It looks and should work great.

Good luck.