Installing a Seat

I removed the seat from my Ellesmere and it was no easy task but I had to. The seat had worn a hole through the bottom inside due to sand build up.

I reglassed the bottom and have a new problem. Now I cannot get the &*^%( thing back in. I tried everyway and position possible and it just won’t go. They put it in originally, I got it out, it has to go back in.

Any suggestions

another option
Not all is lost if you can’t get the seat in, as a new one could be made for it.

Here are some photos from a Brian Nystrom that show a seat being removed and then a custom seat built. Many stock seats that come with kayaks can be improved on, and Brian’s pictures shows this happening:

There is a way
I see in your above post that you’ve given up and want to order a foam seat however I removed the seat on my Ellesmere to repair the floor as you did and found the seat very frustating to get back in the ocean cockpit but it does go.

After some messing around I discovered that there was a weird angle to slide it in and once figured out it was simple to remove and replace but don’t ask me to describe it as it was four years ago and I forget.

I know I’m not much help other than to encourage you to keep monkeying around with the puzzle and it will come to you…a eureka moment as they say.

Have fun