installing canoe seat

Can I install a standard bow/stern seat like this in the center of my canoe. It appears to be long enough to fit the center width. I had bought a “snap in center seat” but it is too bulky and heavy. Also, any installation tips are welcomed.

Sure it is simple and there are several

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1. If your gunnels are wide enough and you want the seat just below them., just use one bolt in each side piece and bolt it right under the gunnel to the gunnel. (remember; measure twice and cut once!)

2. If you want the seat suspended a bit, do it the same way, but use a 3/4" dowel cut to your length, (naturally four required). Drill a hole in each dowel and use a longer bolt to connect everything.

3. If the gunnels are not wide enough or you want the seat really low, install a piect of aluminum channel (1" x1" x the length you need)on each side of the canoe at the height you want the seat to be mounted.
I use aluminum rivets to mount the channel.
Then bolt your seat to the channel.
( the first hole you drill through the side of your boat hurts the worst. the rest come easy!)

Make sure you use stainless bolts.
You can get the aluminum channel at Lowes


PS where are you located?
I have a similar seat only cane sitting in my shop.
I am heading from NC to south Florida day after tomorrow, and if you are somewhere in between, I might be able to get it to you.

center seat
You could if it’s long enough, or you could buy one from someplace else that you know will be long enough. I like the ones from Ed’s Canoe that are designed for the center. The extra width of the seating area is pretty nice.

installing canoe seat
You may want to consider installing the “center seat” a bit aft of center. A general rule of thumb would be for the front edge of the seat to be approximately 4" behind the center of the canoe. If you decide to paddle solo (as opposed to using the seat for a third passenger) the seat will be in the correct position for such use.

Marc Ornstein

Dopaddle Canoe Works

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Third seat in a tandem
This seems to be a tandem canoe, but we don’t know how long or wide it is, or if it has tumblehomed center sections.

Certainly, if you’re converting the hull to solo, Marc’s suggestion is perfect. Decide if you’ re going to sit or kneel, get seat and appropriate drops from Ed’s, and appropriate length 10-24 SS mechine screws and nylock nuts from Jamestown.

Find your arc to center, drop aft 5 inches and shoot front seat screw holes there with a 13/64" bit. Index the rear screw holes off the front, shoot them and counter sink all four. Cut the seat legs to clear the hull but be wider than the drops, place the drops on the seat “legs”, drill 13/64 holes and bolt the seat in. Four fast clamps will aid in fitting and marking

However; it takes a large, as in very wide at the shoulders, person to solo a tandem canoe. Secondly, you’ll be removing the center carry thwart and will need to cut it down and refit it closely aft of the seat. This act removes the carry thwart from the balance point in the boat, so you’ll need a detachable carry thwart to portage.

If the boat is long enough it might be better to install the seat roughly where the third thwart is, using those holes for either front or rear seat screws. The paddler will be in a narrower part of the canoe and has a better chance of getting a vertical paddle shaft across the rail, the boat can still be carried without moving thwarts and buying a clamp one unit.

webbed ash seat source

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You can get that same seat from a neighbor of Mr Wilson's, save lots of bucks & support a good cause here

EI also carries the hardware & spacers for an additional $8.50 & shp reasonably & promptly