Installing D Rings - Need a Cheap Roller

Putting d rings in. Need a roller to smooth out the patch, but don’t want to pay $20 for one.


Canned Salmon?
I just looked in our food cupboard and found a can of Bumble Bee canned salmon. There are no ridges on the can, and no ridge/lip holding on the bottom of the can. I think it would make an excellent roller for your purpose.

or, if you’re alergic to fish . . .
a piece of closet rod, rolled under your hand or foot.

I used my fingers

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By pressing quite hard with my fingers in a pattern that "chases" out any gaps beneath the vinyl fabric, I've gotten good results. If the material is a little bit too "grippy" for your fingers to slide on, put a piece of paper down first. Otherwise, any rounded object should work fine. It need not "roll" - sliding is fine. In similar applications, I've even used the rounded handle of a paint brush. A common table spoon works well too. Don't rely on the strength of the spoon's handle, as it will bend. Apply pressure with a finger or thumb placed right into the cup of the spoon, and rub the material with the curved back side.

look for one of these

at your local hardware store. Ask for a seam roller.

You mean “smooth out” or ensure
strong contact? I never had trouble with wrinkles or anything that needed smoothing, but failure of some patches after 10 years (!) suggested that firm roller pressure might have made a difference. The texture of the patch and the boat surface after failure suggested that there was less than 70% adhesive contact. Speckly adhesion zones instead of overall contact.

Get a roller like pblanc suggests. Don’t worry about little wrinkles as long as you roll hard and get good contact. In fact, as long as the central zone around the D-ring holds, the outer surround doesn’t even “know” the strain.

I use a flat plastic scraper
works fine.

Always have used the handle end of a screwdriver or similar tool.