Installing Day Hatch in Valley Kayak

Has anyone installed a day hatch and bulk head in a glass boat. I am picking up a boat that has a pump installed on the rear deck instead of a day hatch, and I want to modify the boat for a day hatch. Just checking to see if anyone has done this type of work, or has any tips or suggestions. Does Valley sell the curved bulkheads, or am I better off having some place just make one up?

day hatch install
do a search under bnystrom on this site or He has instructions on how to do it.

You can make bulkheads out of either fiberglass or closed cell foam.

Thanks for the info…I found the instructions. In fact I’ve had his picture tutorials saved in my favorites for quite a while, and they are great. I didn’t realize that he had done that as well. I just wish I had some photos to go by. I always seem to do better with the visuals