Installing Drain Plug

I just purchased a Necky Sky kayak.

Really like it.

I then picked up the Harmony aftermarket Drain plug kit.

Has anyone installed this?

If so, where would the best place be to do so? On top of the Deck at the rear, or at the very back of the Hull?

Also, where would you place it in either of these locations (Measurements would be appreciated)


and I hope to learn alot from this site.

I am new to kayaking


Back looks good
The Sky looks like it has a very square stearn. Seems like the back would be a decent spot.

drain plug
Ideally you’ll want the drain plug on the top of the back deck, as far back as you can. The idea is that you can then stand the boat up on end, and the excess water will drain out. Have it too far from the end, and there will still be some water pooled at the end that doesn’t come out.

Not sure if you might have already also picked up some float bags for your boat. The reason is that without some extra floatation to displace water, you’ll actually probably never be able to get that boat up on end to drain it. The extra float bags will mean if you flip there will be less water in the boat which will make it easier to re-enter while on the water, or to get it back to shore and then to empty. You can get some for the bow and some for the stern. Just make sure you secure the float bags or they’ll tend to pop out just when you need them!

My boat has float bags and if it’s full of water I flip it cockpit down on shore and rock it back and forth in both directions to get most water out, then it’s light enough to stand on end and to get the remaining bit of water out via the drain plug.

Good luck installing your drain plug!