Installing float bag

Float bag keeps coming out of my bow after about 15 minutes in water. Took out foam brace as per retailers reccomendations, but still an isssue. What other fastening methods can I use to assure that bag stays in when capsized? I will be taking a rescue coarse and need to have this accomplished within a few weeks.

I was thinking of cutting the foam so that I could glue it to the inside of the bow so to better wedge the bag once installed. Is this advised? Also, should I drill small holes and thread wire as a method?

Please advise.


If the boat has foot braces…

– Last Updated: Jun-03-07 11:26 AM EST – can install loops on the screws at the forward end and use a heavy bungee between them to prevent the float bag(s) from backing out.

Yes, and perhaps the float bag has
tie loops at the rear that can be attached to the front of the footbrace rails.

On one boat, I put in a Harmony drain plug way up in the bow, and then glued an inside float bag fastening loop to the underside of the drain plug. But nowadays, kayak float bags often come without a loop on the bow or stern end, so you would have to glue a loop on the end of the bag.