installing float bags

I have Bell lash kit to install float bags in my Wildfire. It requires blind rivet through vinyl inwale and hull but short of outwale. I don’t trust rivets and consider them a pia. For this installation the rivet head will be pulled in a blind location so I can’t even see if the rivet head pulled propoerly. Also, there is no backing for rivet head as it seats directly to Royalex hull. Any thoughts on just drilling the hull and running lashing through the hull? Bell rep said “I don’t like rivet install either. Drilling hull will void warranty but lots of people do it.” Thanks in advance for help.

Rivet reinforcement
If you choose to rivet and you can get your fingers over the head of the rivet, put a 1/8 inch SS fender washer over the rivet head (and tail too if you want). That will give you a larger purchase area. Fender washers of this size are very thin but you may have to go with a longer rivet to accomodate the thickness of one or two washers if your hull thickness brings the total thickness too close to call…

Mohawk drills holes just below gunwale.
Not elegant, but not too noticeable if you use black cord next to a black gunwale. I think there’s only 2 holes on each side of ours because we have the small endbags. We have Royalex hulls.

Drill gunwale?
I don’t like rivets either. I have drilled the gunwale, top to bottom, not sideways, on the inside of the hull material. If you use 3MM cord a 3/16 inch hole will be plenty.


drill hull
go to the Mohawk site. There are instructions fro drilling the hull. Not difficult and works great.