Installing Foam Bulkhead?

A while ago I asked about how to do this for my Jive, I procrastinated because I new I was going to buy a surf boat, now I can’t find the thread.

There were two good points — an online source for the foam

Tips for installing

But I can’t seem to find it with search.


– Last Updated: Dec-07-04 8:44 PM EST – for ideas (specific: and foam. For cheaper foam:


Thanks for the sources
Thanks for the sources oh knowledgeable one!

Warning on
We have been using grey for some time now but I wanted to put some white in the boats just to see how it looked and held up.

Ordered a chunk from foambymail and was not pleased at all with how things went. Specifically asked the sales person if the foam was wrapped up and cosmetically o.k. just to make sure and get a feel for things recon wise.

Free shipping is pretty good but I needed it a little faster and requested three day instead knowing it would not really be much more and get it here sooner… on the phone the salesperson gave the impression I was asking for the moon and rudely told me she would have to check… a few minutes later she came back with an outragous quote i knew was just a high guess as we ship packages larger than the foams #s every week for far less. Sounds like they just wanted it to go ground so I just let it go… got here two weeks later. Wrong color, rolled on a bias and callously stuffed in a box which was really too small for the foam… the foam was dirty and the skin was nicked up to the point I would only be able to use 25% of it… several transfers got me through to a person who said it could be returned but I had to wait a week before sending it back as that is how long the foam takes to straighten itself out… " What about the gouges in it?" I asked… Please just send it back in a week sir was the reply…

If you order from these folks make sure you ask them to cut it to as close to your specs. as poss. and wrap it up correctly for shipping.

SeaDart if you want ring me up for some quick template tricks.

I’ve purchased quite a bit
of foam from these folks:

and have nothing but good things to say about their materials and service.

For procedural needs, Bynstrom has an excellent tutorial that I’m sure he would forward upon request.

Pleasant waters.


Shipping And Boxing
are exactly as Pat describes. I order sheets at a time to have on hand to outfit the fleet as needed so I never in rush to have it. The foam does come rolled up (but clean) and takes on a curl but it doesn’t pose a problem for what I do, which is cut into glueable pieces. Also, leaving the sheets out, the curl eventually unfold.

From the sound of Pat’s report, the customer service rep sure needs some training and re-orientation, eh… :slight_smile:


Thanks Sing and Pat
for the links I may give you a call Pat. I did have a hard time visualizing how to get the foot plug in when there is a pillar going all the way to the end.

at this point I’m thinking of Ringing up Santa to see if I can borrow some elves to climb in the the nose of this thing, it’s way longer than my arms can reach to measure, mark, or deal with the foot pegs from the inside. I was hoping to be out on the water Saturday AM but its going to take a while to get this boat where I will be happy paddling out into real waves.

Email me for instructions
I have some written up and will gladly forward them to you.