Installing Handles on a kayak

I have an odessy kayak by hobie. At 36 inches it is difficult to handle when I want to use it solo. I was thinking about adding handles mid beam. Has anyone any experience doing this.

No, but I like the thought!
Sturdy cabinet handles (cheap, solid)) with a backer plate on the underside would give you a ton more leverage (with something to actually grab onto)…Hell,placed in the right area they’d assist in exiting as well!

Loading Handles
Ocean Kayak used to sell grab handles for that application. I’ve added them to an OK Scupper and Scrambler and they’re very helpful for solo car top loading. Easy to install - just pop-riveted on and haven’t failed yet. Couldn’t find them on the current OK accessories website, so I don’t know if they’re still selling them separately.