Installing Kajaksport Seat in NDK Boat??

Tried to post this last night but seems my post cannot be found…so will try again:

The seat in my Greenlander Pro broke again. Although I have come to like the seat, I can’t deal with it breaking again so am going to replace.

I am not real crazy about foam seats so it would seem that the Kajaksport seat would be best.

I am wondering the best way to go about installing it…it would seem that the ideal solution would be to cut out the factory seat leaving some portion of the seat still attached to which I could bolt the new seat.

The problem is that the seat is broken off so high that this is not really an option so I am not really sure where i would bolt the new seat and am not really crazy about drilling into my boat if I can prevent it.

Any advice?



Post it here…

Even though it’s a wood boat builders site, you will get loads of suggestions. You HAVE TO show a photo of your broken seat and maybe the kajak one. Otherwise it’s a guessing game.

My suggestion: have somebody who knows what they are doing repair the seat. Anybody who works with epoxy and glass can repair that seat and beef it up so it will never break again.

If you’re happy with the comfort of your current seat, have someone repair it for you or DIY. It’s not that difficult to work with fiber glass. The repair can be made as tough as you like It depends of how many layers of cloth you use. Make sure that it’s repaired on both sides and with a good overlap.

Repaired seat on NDK Explorer
The seat on my Explorer broke on the previous owner. Broke where it hangs down from cockpit. He had it repaired at the dealer where he purchased it. They repaired it with fiberglass and epoxy, wrapping the break with fiberglass. Repair is still holding 3-4 years later.


Agree with all
and in fact I think as you progress with your paddling passion you would benefit from learning how to work with glass, resin, etc. That will serve you well in the future. Maybe have a pro fix the seat and give you some training as he/she does??

I’ll try repairing it again. I already did so once.

The first time I used quick set epoxy to glue the seat back in place to work with and then laid 3 layers of glass cloth on the exposed side of the seat only using epoxy resin.

Perhaps I need to do both sides this time. Hard to get to the boat side though as there is little space.

Maybe I will try wrapping some epoxy cloth around it as if I were taping it back in place with duck tape.

Also have been told that finding stiff foam to put under the seat for support will help. Will have to try that as well.

Any other suggestions on how to make the repair last this time?


post your question on NDK owners site
I’ve seen many versions of the same repair.


Yes, fitting minicell under the seat tightly in several places will make your repaired seat almost bombproof. Key is to provide plenty of support on the seat bottom so there is less stress on the hangers. Good luck with your repair!

Good advice
I agree with Ret and Carl, the keys to a successful repair are completely wrapping the break with glass and having sufficient foam support under the seat to take the weight off the hangers. If you do this, the repair should hold.

Best of luck!

And ensure that…
You are making a structural bond by fusing the new glass to the old fiberglass substrate, preferably using a common binder (polyester resin vs epoxy). Glass simply laid over gelocat will certainly fail.

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