Installing Nexus 70P Compass

Can anyone give me some advice on installing on a fiberglass boat? I’m wondering whether to use the included screws, or get bolts with locknuts. Will bolts give deviation problems? Any hints on drilling fiberglass?


ss machine
screws, neo washers and nylocks. use hi-speed drill. if you can’t find 'em.


Seaward Rep told me this before I
installed one on my Shadow.

Put a piece of clear tape over the spot where you want to drill. Then run the drill in slow speed in REVERSE for a couple of seconds.

Then drill at high speed in the forward direction. Finally remove the tape.

That way you get a neat hole without the drill bit “walking”.

I used the standard screws that came with my Nexus and they have worked perfectly.

advice from PIN

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John emailed Steve Maynard:
and Tom Bergh:
and said he got excellent advice from each installing the compass in his Avocet.

Depending on the boat,
the pointed self tapping screws that are typically used may extend well into the forward dry compartment and be a potential snag on gear. So, check on this with your boat and see if the pointy screws have a potential to snag your gear and decide accordingly. Some folks snip off a few threads leaving enough threads for the screw to go through the deck, but not to snag anything.

Flatpick’s way does not rely on a few threads to hold the compass in place as it is thru bolted–a stronger arrangement. But, the extra strength probably isn’t needed. However, I still think it’s the better way to do it.

I like to get a SS machine screw that’s just long enough to have the nylock nut cover it but not stick out beyond it to reduce snag potential. However, Flatpick’s answer to that is to just stick another nut on the screw. I also like to place a little 3M 4200 in there somewhere to help insure the holes are sealed, but with properly sized neo washers, that may be overkill.

Careful with stainless
Some stainless steel is slightly magnetic, usually the stuff you would find at the home center. I couldn’t get good marine grade stainless locally so I used brass bolts and it’s been fine. This won’t work if you’re paddling in salt water because of corrosion, so get marine grade stainless if that’s the case. Not sure about the screws that come with it (been a few years) but I’d bolt it in.

Nylon machine screws…
and nuts? No problems with deviation, or corrosion, and they should be plenty strong enough for mounting a compass.