Installing perception saddle-adhesive

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I just got a new-old perception canoe saddle. Can I use regular old superglue or gorilla glue? I don't want to spend a fortune on 1oz. tubes of specialized glue. Need to bond foam, plastic, royalex, and aluminum.

yes its the old one with the little hatch.

its too low and I need to glue in some foam underneath to get it snug against the thwarts.

Also need to glue in some foam on top of it as cushion, and need to re-glue my knee pads.

You mean the roto-moulded one
with then little removable hatch for storing gear inside?

I don’t recall these being glued in. They were usually held in place with thwarts through the moulded apertures on the top of the saddle.

If I’m guessing right as to what you’ve got, and if for some reason you can’t pin the thing in place with thwarts, then you could use Gorilla Glue or a similar urethane to hold it in place. But at least some support from thwarts would be desirable.

3M 5200

I think 3M 5200 would be a good choice.

Just make sure that you know exactly where you want it first, because it won’t come off easily.

is 3M 5200 usually avaiable at hardware stores?

p.s. drum cd is awesome!

West Marine
or Home Depot.

Perception saddle…

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It is my opinion that using thwarts to secure the Perception saddle in place is the best method; even if you have to reposition the thwarts. You shouldn't have to use any adhesive to attach the pad(to raise the saddle height)to the hull of your canoe. The pressure of the thwarts on the saddle should hold the pad in place. If you glue a pad in to raise the Perception saddle, and then decide you don't like the Perception saddle & want to go to a foam saddle; you're probably going to have to remove all of that pad you glued to the hull before you can put in a foam saddle.

Have you spent a lot of time using a Perception saddle? If you haven't, you might find in a short period of time that you don't care for it as much as you think you will. You may want an easy method of removing it from your canoe.
I used one quite a bit in the past, and although they serve their purpose, they tend to restrict movement, position change, and the blood flow in your legs. After a couple of hours in it; you feel like your legs are sucked down into a black hole. There are reasons why you seldom if ever see them being used anymore; it's not because everyone thought they were so great!


Contact Cement
Weldwood Red can, from the hardware store.

That will hold the foam down.

You still need to secure the saddle under thwarts.

Hi thebob

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Aaron's tried my Encore with the perception saddle. He loves it, I love it. His 13 year old body will put up with a lot more than us old timers I'm sure, and I'm "good" for 5 hours with a break every hour or so. It's going in a Whitesell Pirana, which is a high volume boat, and I think Aarons going to love being locked in. He's already confiscating my foot pegs.

update as of 6:09 p.m. ;-)

Aaron installed the saddle, glued a thick piece of foam on the seat,carved it down, wedged the saddle in with minicell, and was attempting to unscrew my footpeg tracks from the Encore when I went out to get him for dinner. The pegs are his; getting my 34" inseam and size 12 feet into the Encore precludes any need for additional bracing. Sure beats having a kid concerned with the latest video game. Man, the way he was tearing up the Lackawaxen man, I'm getting weepy. :-)

Let us know…

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Let us know how the rigging of the Whitesell turns out. Great boat. Tried to find one for myself for several years, and finally gave up & bought my MR Outrage X. Saw Aaron's post regarding Yakima footbraces; did he get them out? Great to have a kid that is not a "couch potato" eh? Watch out! If he gets really involved in paddling he'll be outpaddling the old man in a couple of years. Have seen some "very young" kids in kayaking classes at NOC, and out on the Nantahala river that were simply amazing.


saddle went in great, used no glue, just jammed a bunch of minicell between saddle and thwarts.

A couple years?

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Aaron absolutely smokes me on the river since he got this boat. I still got him in the poling department, at least for the next couple months. :-)
I think a couple years soloing the Reflection was like running with ankle weights on. Now that he's got the Whitesell it's like wearing Nike Air Jordans or something like that.