Installing Prijon Rudder Rest on Touryak 500

Does anyone know where I can find the instructions for mounting the Prijon rudder rest PR-90040 on a Touryak 500? There is no mounting block on the Touryak, and no access to the inside of the back of the yak to hold a wrench on a nut. I am new to the group and to kayaking in general, but wanted to add the rest to prevent that clunking of the rudder on the top of the boat. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Assuming PR-90040 is a simple vee block with typical loading against the hull and not pulling on hardware. I would either use stainless pop rivets or better yet small rivnuts and either with a marine sealant.

Thanks for the reply, Andy. The PR-90040 is not the simple vee block, but a thicker rubber block that has stainless hardware for mounting. A rivet gun is is too large to use in the deep hole molded into the rubber block. I think I am going to send it back to get the simple vee type and use the rivets as you suggested. I jumped the gun on the purchase based on the nice thick block. The glossy got me I guess.

If it’s a Prijon part you want to put on a Prijon yak, I’m sure you can get a definitive answer from Prijon GBH or your local distributor.

They’re the Canadian distributor. Might be worth a try.