Installing Rudder Cable - Advice request

I’m installing new rudder cables on my Current Designs Solstice kayak. I’m at the point where I fold the cable back onto itself and secure a loop into the cable to attach to the sliding foot pegs.

The cable replacement kit included two metal sleeves through which the cable is threaded. At the point where you want the loop fixed and permanent, it appears you would crimp those two metal sleeves flat to bite into the cable.

This loop is in the cockpit of the boat so using a hammer to compress those sleeves doesn’t look feasible.

I’m considering using a pair of vise grips to compress the sleeves.

Is this right approach or are other methods any better?

Thanks, any suggestions are welcome.

Crimping plyers would work better

There are cutter/crimper tools available (e.g. from SeaLect Designs), but careful use of a vise-grip should work. How hard is it to get at? Could you remove the rudder pedal mount, do the crimping, then reinstall?

As said a crimping tool is best
it won’t leave sharp edges.

Also it helps to slide a 1" piece of shrink tube on the cable first. After you crimp it slide the shrink tube up to over the cable end and shrink it in place to protect your fingers when working.



maybe a different approach altogether?

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when I used to paddle rudder kayaks I had a few incidents where the stainless steel cable snapped on me, from fatigue. Eventually I learned that a better option is to use Dyneema lines instead of stainless steel. There are several manufacturers that have adopted thin Dyneema lines for rudders now so the user will not need to replace them too often.
Dyneema lines don't need any swaging/crimping tools, just a decent knot. They last longer than stainless steel and abrade the line housing (the pipe inside the kayak where the cable runs) less.

Thanks, next steps
It has been too cold to work comfortably in the unheated garage so a good time to sit back and reflect on the ideas. Already have stainless cables so the Dyneema lines alternative will have to await my next cables or colossal failure with this repair.

A trip to my local hardware store revealed nothing beyond linesman pliers, which I have.

So it still being a chilly high 20s day, I’ll head off to the big box HW store to see their tool collection and await a warmer day to finish the job.