Installing solo sliding seat advice.

So I am getting ready to install a Wenonah solo sliding seat into a old Sawyer DY Special. Anyone ever install one of these seats, any advice, anything to look out for.I did this once about 30 years ago without any problems that I can remember,but the details of that adventure are more then a little fuzzy. Before the Sawyer people jump all over me as to why I would want to get rid of the Sawyer seat, it is busted beyond repair.


sawyer people
can’t jump on you. the sawyer canoe company has already gone belly up again. so you will have to use somebody elses seat. jon

I know that
But when you read the reviews of some of the Sawyers with the 3 way sliding seat you get the sense that most people love them. I could take it or leave it, now that its broken and Sawyer has gone again I no longer have to flip flop on which way I want to go with the seat.

Did a slidding seat
into a wood strip I built.I threw som epoxy resin on the deck,a layer of Glass cloth, seat,glass cloth over the seat pedestal bars. I used 4 0z glass but would suggest 6 or even 8 for the Summer song. The glass on the deck was just to beef up the deck since alot of my strips wer 1/8 instead of 1/4 inch. you probobly don’t need to do that with your boat. I was able to see my witness marks through the saturated glass to make sure i was straight.

Be careful if you put the foot brace in. I have done two beautiful installations of footbraces, both too far forward! Next time I will not do installations after happy hour…