Installing thigh risers?

I’m a first time poster, long time lurker.

From what I have gathered, adding thigh riser pads, along with appropriate stretching, of course, can significantly help with cramping and numbness.

My question - on a “hanging seat,” what is the best way to orient the little scooped wedge-thingies? Adhering them to the seat seems to create a pretty severe angle that I worry will get uncomfortable. Is that where the dragonskin comes in?

If anyone has pictures of a successful installation, I would love to see them.

Thanks in advance for reading and responding!

Kayak model?
Am curious what you’re paddling.

Earlier this summer I noticed some hamstring discomfort when I paddled more than ten miles. Switched the seat pad on my Eddyline to their Infinity seat pad, which has built in thigh supports. Much more comfortable, but what eliminated the problem was adding hamstring stretches to my workout - and doing a couple sets before I get in my boat.

Second this - what boat?
And do you have a model or make for the triangle thingies? Suffice to say there are a number of such things.

did you read this article?

Issue #4

Starting on page 12?

On outfitting your boat (seats)

Maybe you can fix your issue with inflatables? Or maybe it will give some thoughts on how to do so with your wedges?

I have not
But I will now, and thank you.

Dagger Catalyst 12.8
I don’t remember having the leg issues in my Looksha IV, but I was also six years younger!

The seat is one of those molded-in, hanging things. I don’t like it, but I’m not ready to cut it out of the boat and glue something in. Yet.

Thanks for that link, Peter
I see a lot of interesting stuff I’d like to read.

Long term

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My experience has been that all kinds of discomfort while paddling is ultimately cured by lots and lots of paddling. So although you might use supports here and there for now, there's a good chance all of that will become unnecessary if you put in the seat time.

With that in mind, you might do what I did and that was to simply roll up a towel and place it under my thighs. After awhile, it was no longer needed.

agree with this^. also,
don’t let the shapes of precut foam limit your imagination.

I always carry a 20" x 20" square of 1/2" plain ensolite closed cell foam with me when I paddle. Firm cushioning and does not absorb water. Folded in half or thirds it makes a good thigh support that can be easily moved around to adjust but stays in place. I have also used it at times under my heels to cushion them, and have folded it and stuck it behind me to change position for my lower back. And it’s always handy to have to sit on during lunch stops ashore. Simple, cheap and versatile. When I camp out of the kayak I carry two of these and both go under my inflatable sleeping pad for added insulation and padding and to protect the pad from punctures.