I am considering going to a paddling school to sharpen my skills. I live in TX, but would consider out of state and make it my summer vacation. Any suggestions. I have always paddled flatwater (kayak)and would like to be confident in light whitewater in my new solo canoe.

My first thought
My first thought was to suggest Nantahala Outdoor Center in North Carolina, but wherever you are in Texas, that would be a long haul.

I suggest you make an attempt to get in touch with the American Canoe Association, and try to find out where they are putting on clinics which are close to you.

Another option is to make an attempt to find out where the nearest canoe/kayak club in your area is located. A lot of those clubs have members who are highly skilled canoers, and kayakers, and some are also certified as instructors. Some clubs put on their own clinics.


There are several excellent
places right here in Texas depending on where you live and what kind of paddling you want to do. Check the Power Olympic Outdoor Center, Houston Canoe Club or Dallas Down River websites for instruction links. Why drive all the way to North Carolina when you have the likes of Bob Foote, Tom Jenkins, Barb Cutter and so many more ready to instruct you right here in your own back yard?

instruction reply
Thanks for the input.And I agree. Nantahala was the one I was thinking of. I have been looking into some of the other folks from TX mentioned as well. Jenkins has an area code matching mine, and I’ve met Cutter previously on paddles.Just didn’t know their reps,and am having great difficulty getting online with luv2paddle to check directly with some of the clubs. I think maybe I was just looking for an excuse to visit some place I’d never been;-). I’ve also put out an “apb” to folks in my Tyler group.

You won’t find
too much about any of them on Luv to Paddle. They all have their own sites. Go to (you may have to paste this one into your address line to get it to work) to find them all in one place. Then lob a question out on Luv to Paddle on the Whitewater or Racing forums (they are the most used) for some references. I would not go all the way to NC without having some basic skills instruction here first. Bob Foote and many of the others periodically run intro to WW and more advanced classes down in San Marcos. Between all of them, there is ususally someone doing one every weekend until the toobers make it impossible.

If you haven’t done so already, order
a copy of “Drill Time…Solo Playboating II” from .

This video shows a lot about how to practice whitewater canoe technique, and also includes the outstanding freestyle canoe demonstration by Karen Knight.

Also check the video offerings… they may have it.