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I know there are a lot of instructional videos on canoe basics out there but I can’t afford all of them. Any suggestions on the better ones. Ben


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The best videos I've seen are the late Bill Mason films - Path Of The Paddle (quietwater and fastwater). Excellent instruction from the master. This guy was one of the best and his videos show it. His daughter Becky has one out too. Pretty good, too.
Kind'a tough to find lately, but you can get them from the Canadian Recreational Canoe Association (

Fat Elmo

Good luck
I have been trying to buy those videos for about 2 weeks now,I have sent an email to the places that sell then amd have not recieved a response.Let me know if you find them anywhere.


Mason Videos

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Opps, me done went and made a mistake...

The website for the Canadian Recreational Canoe Association is - NOT the aforementioned I just received my tapes and a few books from them. Great, fast service, nice folks but the postage is a bit steep (International rates). Go to the "Paddlers Bookstore" section and then under "Departments" - The Mason Corner. All his books and videos are there. His WaterWalker is a great flick.

Fat Elmo

Wont sell to US
I ordered a video from that website last night and I got an email this morning saying they cant sell them to the US.How did you buy yours?



If you can’t get the father,
go to the daughter. Becky’s “Classic Solo Canoeing” is indeed a classic on basic canoeing.

available from Becky Mason @

Try American Canoe Association…
They used to sell them in the “bookstore” area.


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A few years ago I picked up a copy of Path of the Paddle at the local REI. It doesn't appear at but the local store will often carry a much broader selection of books and videos. I'd think they'd still carry it at a brick & mortar store.

Another idea, a Google search turned up another source:

Mason Videos

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Thats odd why they told you that. I ordered the videos and books over their website, but got an error message about the SQL server not working. I was going to call them, but they beat me to it. They e-mailed me to straighten the order out. They gave the following information as the contact

Shelley Brodie-Ierullo
Product Services Assistant
Paddler's Bookstore
Canadian Recreational Canoeing Association
Tel: 613-269-2910 Toll-free: 1-888-252-6292

I called the toll-free number, had a nice conversation with Shelley and a few days later I had my stuff. Try that. Hope it helps. The tapes are worth it.

You can also try the following website

They have Bill and Becky Mason tapes available too.

Fat Elmo

also available at Nashwaak
Nashwaak paddles sells them as well.

Good folks to deal with.

Path of the Paddle Series
Chicagoland Canoe Base has both Bill Mason videos in stock as of yesterday. You’ll need to contact them to see whether or not they are willing to ship.

You can e-mail your inquiry to

Good luck, these are fantastic programs.