Instructional Videos ??

Was wondering if anyone could recommend a good instructional video for canoeing up to class II rivers? I’m pretty much a novice. Both tandem and solo applications would be good. Something that might cover various strokes and all general aspects of canoeing flowing water. Thanks in advance.


Bill Mason’s Path Of The Paddle series…

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Free streamin' video at de National Film Board of Canada site

or yer kin buy de 4 part DVD series from de NFBC site or from....

Becky Mason also has a great video...

Classic Solo Canoeing


Instructioal Videos
Thanks! These look interesting to say the least. Amazing what two people who know what they are doing can do in a canoe.


whitewater open boat videos
If you are interested in mastering strokes and techniques applicable to running any class of whitewater in an open boat I would recommend any or all of these DVDs:

“Solo Open Whitewater Canoeing” by Tom Foster:

“Solo Playboating” by Kent Ford:

“Drill Time” by Kent Ford et al:

These are all distinctly oriented towards whitewater rather than general river paddling. They don’t address river tripping, for example. They are also limited to solo boating and don’t cover tandem paddling. The techniques however, are applicable to paddling moving water of any class.