instructions for quick n easy roof rack

Does anyone have instructions available for the quick n easy roof rack system? We recently acquired this roof rack but without any instructions. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Hope you have an old car, or a …

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...full-size van. I assume you are talking about this roof rack:

You need old-fashioned rain gutters on your car for this system to work. MAYBE the hidden rain gutters on some cars will make a decent anchor point, but I wouldn't count on it. "Quick n Easy" and a few other brands used to dominate the roof-rack market. Not anymore, since car roofs are different now.

Oh, two "fairly recent" cars that DO still have old-fashioned rain gutters are the original style of Dodge Caravan, and the original incarnation of the "newer" Jeep Cherokee (the "original-original" Jeep Cherokee has rain gutters too, of course, but there aren't many of those on the road now).

Here's how it works. The wide thing that's shaped like a curved spatula sits in the groove of the rain gutter, and the 'L'-shaped clip wraps around the outside of the gutter. You tighten the adjusting screw just enough that when you pull the cam-lever down, it cinches the 'L'-shaped clip down really tight, holding the whole assembly tight to the rain gutter. Of course, that's the last step. First, you need to install crossbars (I used to use 2x4s for crossbars, but the company makes pipe-style crossbars too, and if you have those, you probably have the ring-shaped connector the attaches the pipe to the top of the clamp assembly). Mount the clamp assemblies (the curved spatula thingies) the right distance apart on each cross bar so they match the distance between the rain gutters (the outside of the curve faces out, if that's not already obvious).

If this is the system…
…it looks pretty straightforward (simple instructions at this site):

I have a different kind of rack system, so I don’t have any direct experience with the “quick-n-easy”, but it does look pretty easy to put together.


I’d never heard of this but did a quick web search and found several links. Perhaps you should too.

Also found NRS has parts for them:

Bill H.

Here yer go…

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Actuool real life daguerreotype o' one genuine Q&E in action on me Jeep...

Ah' had deez same towers on me 1973 Ford Pinto, 1981 Ford Bronco, 1990 Ford E-150 van an' now on de Jeep... an' dem's still goin' strong (ah' do replace de wooden cross members every so often)


Some more photos

Quick N Easy instructions