Instructions: How I modified a bicycle trailer to tow my kayaks by bicycle

I have seen a few old messages about bicycle trailers for kayaks. I wrote up a description of my own trailer. I understand that not everyone will be up for building or using a trailer the way I do, but it’s been a really useful piece of my kayaking gear. Maybe it will prove helpful, or at least interesting, to some of you.

Modifying a Bicycle Trailer to Carry a Kayak


Dang! Hard core!

This is an excellent resource. I thought of doing this many time but never did. Kudos.

Very clever and resourceful. I use a former wheel chair as a walking cart for my 3 block walk to waterfront.

What kind of bike is pictured with the enclosed chain guard?

I like the boat.

The bike is a different, older project. It’s a total mongrel Seattle commuter. Frame is a Specialized Sequoia with brazed on centerpull brake mounts that convert the bike to 650B wheel size. Fork from Kogswell. Internally geared Shimano 8-speed hub. Pashley chaincase (modified). The closest thing you could buy off the shelf today would be a belt-drive bike – something like this – PRIORITY CONTINUUM ONYX – Priority Bicycles

The boat is an NDK Romany that I picked up for a good price. It’s faded from a darker purple to the lavender-blue color in the pictures but no structural problems. The other boat I tow is a Nordkapp H2O (even longer!)

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Thanks for the details of a fine 2 wheeled creation. I ride a 1953 Raleigh Sports. I really like its enclosed gearing and chain. I was amost in the replacment bike market recently after shearing off the end of the left side BB spindle on daily ride. It took lots of sleuthing and ordering and returning 3 wrongs shafts before finding an orginal one from a shop in MA.

Nice. Compares to a Necky Chatham 16. Looks beautiful.