Instructor Development Wkshop Advice

I am taking an ACA Level 2 Instructor Development Workshop in May. Just got my materials in the mail today and I’m psyched! Just wondering if those of you out there who have gone thru the IDW have some tips/advice to pass along.

Relax and enjoy it…

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- Show support and encouragement to the other candidates.
- Don't get to worried over giving presentations to others. Even the shyest candidate in my ACA IDW opened up by day 2 or 3.
- I would suggest that you pay attention not only to your instructor trainers, but each and every instructor candidate in the class. You can often learn much from their teaching style or technique. So along with that comment...
- Do not be 'closed minded'. That was the biggest issue I witnessed in my IDW (and sometimes here on this form. Confession: this includes yours truly). Many of the candidates would or could only do a given task one way, and they wouldn't open themselves up to other options.

One startling example of this was when we were practicing self-rescues. Obviously there are many ways to get one's self back into a kayak. Techniques could include, but no be limited to rolling, reentry-and-roll, cowboy reentry, paddle float, etc. Our instructors wanted us to be adept at two and hopefully more. One candidate was extremely resistant to trying anything but a paddle float, aided by a rescue stirrup that they personally carried (no they were not heavy but lacked upper body strength). Our instructors tried coax them into other methods, but the individual refused. That came back to haunt them later in the IDW. During a leadership scenario all of us were ask to capsize at one time ('all-in'). In attempting to reenter they broke their stirrup. They were so dependent on the stirrup that even when they received aid they had an extremely difficult time reentering their kayak.

FWIW, when you eventually assess (ICE) you do not have to roll for the L-2, but it is required for the L-3 and above.

I agree with relax and enjoy
It is a workshop, not the ICE. Do the prework asked of you, but other than that, go in relax and enjoy. This way you will get the most out of it. You don’t have to stress about passing a test.

Good advice
Thanks. I especially like the advice about being open to other ideas or approaches. I do plan to take the ICE as well, but that’s not until June – plenty of time to ask more questions.

Where is the IDW going to be?
May seems to be the month


Madison, Wis.
It’s sponsored by Rutabaga.