Insulated bear cans?

Does anyone know if anyone makes an insulated bear can? A quick Internet search turned up zilch. Thanks!

Insulated liner that
fits into a bear can:

For a third
Of that exorbinant cost but yields massively more buy a roll of Reflectix at Home Depot and wrap

There is a sheet insulation
made by Armaflex or Rubatex. It may take a bit of searching to find it locally. It’s a closed cell foam that is very easily formed into a liner or a cover for your container.

Cuts with a sharp knife, glues together with a contact adhesive.

Neat stuff.

+1 for Reflectix
I use it to make warming pouches for freeze dried back packer meals, and a pot cozy for my cook pot. It would be super easy to make an insulated cozy for a bear canister. Reflectix + scissors + a roll of duct tape (the silver stuff for duct work) = an insulated cozy that you can slip your bear canister into when needed. Pretty much the same thing as that expensive cozy, but custom sized to fit your canister and way less $$.