Insurance coverage for vehicle

I’m getting mixed info from insurance agents, so I’m asking for your experiences. Evidently, comprehensive will not cover my loss if a kayak is stolen from my roof rack, but the aftermarket rack itself may be covered because it’s locked to the factory bars. Supposedly, my homeowner’s insurance might cover loss of the gear that’s attached to the rack. Any experience some of you can share or advice on a good major insurance company is welcome. Thanks.

Your best bet is to contact your insurance company, or read your policy.

My homeowners covered both but since I did not have a special boat rider on the policy the total coverage was only $1,000, the limit for boats under their standard policy.

I purchased a marine watercraft rider which covers my boats, my rack, and associated gear, including my Werner and Lumpy paddles. I’ve read my policy and it’s replacement value. The annual premium for two Eddyline kayaks is $39. My homeowner’s coverage only kicks in if a loss event happens on my property. It’s a Michigan insurance company, not national.