Insurance for Boat

What is the general feel for getting Insurance on your boat. Do they have plans for Kayaks?

Auto Club
Because of the high dollar value, which is not sufficiently covered under my home owners policy, I elected I have my two kevlar kayaks insured under a special watercraft policy issued by the Auto Club. The annual premium runs $39 per year per boat. I definitely rest easier when traveling knowing that at least I’m financially protected in the event of theft.

same here
mine is covered as well for about the same cost-for $2,000.00 worth of coverage. It is a rider off my home owners policy. I wouldn’t bother except I sometimes stay in hostels which don’t always have good lighted parking lots. My policy excludes most instances of the kayak accidently coming off the roof rack-so that may be something you want to check into. I am not sure that the policy really is a good use of my money but I have it for now.


I never…
I never even considered insuring our investment…thanks for giving me something to think about. Sounds like a good idea if nothing else for peace of mind.

I did order a 15ft security cable from Wenonah but if someone wants it bad enough I imagine they’ll get it one way or another.


I’m not sure that the cost really justifies the effort or the cost. Insurance is a business that makes business off the fear of their policy holders that something will happen. Yes, the insurance industry makes money off paranoia.

You’ve got to own a pretty expensive kayak to justify insurance on the boat. Just as an example: You buy a kayak/canoe that costs $2000. Over 10 years of ownership you would put ~$400 into insurance on that boat. That’s one fifth of the cost of the boat when new. Are the odds 20% that a canoe will be stolen? I think not.

In addition, that boat will depeciate in value much faster than a cheaper boat (as a percentage) so likely with normal usage won’t sell for more than $1000 after a few years of ownership and a few scatches.

So is it really worth it?. Not to me. I keep my boats stored indoors, and I cable them to the roof of my car on the road. When they are in the house… the homeowners policy covers them along with everything else. When they are on the car, so long as they are locked to the car, they are covered there by the auto policy (yes, I talked to the agent).

I’ll minimize my risks and save that insurance money to buy a new boat 10 years down the road if it should get stolen. In my mind a canoe or kayak isn’t expensive enough to insure, and the liability associated with ownership of a canoe or kayak shouldn’t resent a major catastrophic claim either.

Just another guys thoughts on the topic…Insurance is a rip off.


What auto club do you use? I just switched car insurance companies and the new one won’t cover my boats under my liability only car INsurance, so I’m investigating some options.



the cheapest way for me…
was to call it a sailboat, which I can as I have the full sail rig…my insurance guy said tht’s the cheapest way to go…

Yes, it’s available.
I have four boats insured on a single policy through AMICA, for a total of ~$10,000. It costs me less than $100 per year. It not only covers theft, but damage/loss at home, during transport or at sea. To me, it’s worth the minor cost.

I have boat owners insurance through Allstate for my canoe. It covers the boat and all associated gear. Costs me $15 per year. For a $1400 canoe that would be difficult for me to replace, this peace of mind is worth it.

I didn’t buy it for theft (who the heck steals a 20’ canoe?), but more for damage. I tend to be adventurous and my 20 footer has been down some rivers that it probably shouldn’t have been. :slight_smile:

This sounds like a rider…
…on an existing policy, such as homeowner’s insurance. Is that the case?

Not a rider
I have Auto, Renters, and a boat policy. I originally thought it could be added to my renters insurance, but I found out otherwise.

There was a caveat to get boaters insurance. The “vessel” had to be worth at least $1500 (including associated equipment).

After conferring with my wife, I found out that the insurance is $39 per year, not $15. Sorry for the confusion.

re: homeowners, check your policy
mine covers boats up to $1,000, with a $500 deductible. For ~$5 / month / canoe, mine are covered for full replacement cost, regardless of whether lost, stolen, or sunk, from home, or on the water. IMO, well worth it if one has more than one, or valuable boats.

Did some checking
on my existing homeowners and auto policy.

My homeowners will cover damage or theft on my canoes up to $1000 per occurence. If a tree falls on my car with canoes on top, it is covered for $1000, whether I have one canoe or two on top of the car. Auto does not cover anything, even if they are locked to the rack.

Checked with AMIGA and they will only issue boat policies if you have other coverage with them.

I have several canoes valued at a couple thousand each and will probably pop for the $39.00/yr./boat to get them covered.

Paddle Craft insurance
You might want to check with your insurance agent again and have them confirm it in writing that the boat is covered. An unendorsed homeowner policy provides up to $1000 coverage for watercraft, subject to your deductible. However most policies only provide theft coverage if your boat is stolen from your residence, not from your auto, and not off premises. And most policies say the boat has to be inside a fully enclosed building before you can get coverage for any windstorm or hail loss.