Insurance on my Kayaks

I have 4 kayaks and would like to get insurance on them. I just want to insure them for their actual value. I have checked, but have not been able to find an insurance company that will insure kayaks. If someone knows where I could insure them. I would appreciate it.

Thanks, Dan

Rider on your homeowners insurance
I even insured my sailboards that way.

Why ?
So little value in even the most expensive kayak. You can always take a theft/lost deduction from the IRS.

I insured my canoes this summer
as a rider. It took awhile (days) for my agent to figure out it was even possible, and then how to do it. I couldn’t get insurance for replacement cost, but could for origninal purchase. In the end, would I be able to replace a boat for what I pay out in insurance premiums? Probably.

Lloyds of London insures mine

…and the value was set at priceless!

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