Hi everyone. New to this forum, have owned a kayak for a year, but didn’t use it much. Recently bought my wife a kayak and now as a “team” sport, we are kayaking a lot more often. My question to the other p.netters, do you insure your kayak? Or, is your kayak covered by homeowners insurance when it is out in the water? I was just curious thinking the other day that if it got damaged or lost or stolen, if anyone else insures it somehow. We haven’t bought anything that high speed, so i don’t think i’d be out too much money, but i’d hate to see it happen and was just wondering what everyone else does.

By the way, i read through numerous threads on tie-downs and have got some great ideas. thanks everyone, i probably would be another ignorant roof racker without those threads.

renter’s insurance
My renter’s insurance covers boats that are stored away from my building, even on top of a car. I call them and ask about this fact every year when I get my bill. This was the first year that I’ve had to pay extra for the coverage – I’ll shop around next year if I have the time. The people who answer the phone don’t get this question very often, so I usually have to sit on hold for a while.

– Mark

Probably need extra
Best advice is to check with your insurance agent – and you might want to get his answers in writing. My understanding, in general, is that homeowners insurance will cover it for theft but not if it falls off your car because you didn’t use the tie downs correctly, or if it hits another vehicle when it falls off. I have a specific boat owners’ policy. It was 50 bucks. Some of the things it covers are kind of humorous for a human-powered craft … like damage from my boat to another boat on the water and recovery costs if it sinks. A lot depends on what the value of your boat is. I still don’t have it on my little rec boat. But I do on the fiberglass sea kayak.