Insuring Canoes


I’m buying three canoes from, and helping a buddy sell another 5 canoes. There is a lot of value involved here, and I am working with my insurer to make sure I am covered in case of disaster when transporting them. The best my company could do was sell me a cargo insurance policy for them. It is not at a bad price…

but I was wondering how you might have your fleet insured, at the house and on the road, on the rivers?

My vehicle comprehensive/collision policy doesn’t cover cargo. My homeowners policy has a pretty low limit on such possessions located outside the home…



Can I insure against me?

I love paddlers and musicians.

I hate collectors.

If you ain’t wearing it out, sell it.

i used to have a policy that covered the canoe anywhere. got it through the guy who does the usca insurance

All my canoes are insured thru Allstate. Also includes boating and camping gear.

How about this?

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If you aren't wearing it out, sell it? Well, I've seen people with multi-canoe racks in their yard, sometimes with as many as 6 or 8 boats on one rack. I've seen people with big trees in their yard. I've even seen people with a multi-canoe rack AND big trees in their yard.

I thought of this because I have a big tree in my yard, and last night we had a wind storm. Four four branches blew out of the tree and landed 30 to 40 feet away, and three of those branches were big enough to most likely destroy every canoe in a 6- or 8-boat rack, had such a boat collection been sitting at the wrong spot. That wasn't the case, but one branch did squash my neighbor's chain-line fence. The point is, it's not hard to think of ways you could lose one boat or all of them in some kind of accident, and remember too that non-whitewater paddlers can use a boat mighty hard for their whole life and never even come close to "wearing it out", because water's kind of soft and cushy, you know.

I looked into adding my canoes to my tenant’s insurance. Basically, it was about $100/year/canoe, with a $500 deductible.

I see insurance as something that is only necessary if one cannot afford to repair/replace something, and cannot do without it. I have tenant’s insurance in case my toaster burns down the building, to replace the building, not the toaster.

Or, in the words of Burt Reynolds “Insurance? I never been insured in my life. There’s no risk.”

Homeowners and rental policies have a personal property allowance. Even if the boat is outside, as long as it is on your property, it is covered. Insurance on the water is probably a waste. Deductible plus premiums would add up quick to value of boat.

Ryan L.

Not on mine…
I have State Farm and I have reviewed this issue extensively with them. Canoes are excluded, as they view them the same as boats. Pretty much would cost about 100.00 each per year to add my canoes. Am always on the look-out for other options.

have been meaning to look into this ever since the incident with my brother earlier this year, my ranger would have cost me 1/2 its new value to repair if i had paid someone to do the work for me. A small water craft policy would be great, $10 a month isn’t so bad, esp if you have a $2000+ canoe, you will be glad to pay $500 for a new one…

Best insurance.
Don’t cheap out on good straps, foam padding and bow and stern lines when you bring them home. Store them in a relatively safe spot and perhaps consider locking them if outside. Protect them from the sun whenever possible. For $500 deductible plus $100 per boat, you are well on your way to paying for one brand new boat. Put that $300 per year away and you can buy a new canoe every three years or used one every one or two years. And learn how to paddle well enough to stay off the boulders and strainers and you pretty much have your insurance covered.

Even though I mentioned above that accidents can happen and boats can last a long time, this is exactly why I wouldn’t pay for canoe insurance. I probably wouldn’t ever need it. If I ever did need it, it would probably be so seldom that the money spent in the meantime would exceed the cost of boat replacement.

i agree
with your alls last two posts, but it doesn’t account for others stupidity, or your brother telling you he’s good to go on the class 4’s and then swan diving back into the canoe and swamping it before you can even ask him if he is ok… esp after only owning the canoe for 2 months… Other than “those” situations, i agree :slight_smile: whole heartedly!

thats funny
Because I called the claims department about a month ago at state farm and they told me my kayaks are covered. I wonder if the distinction is canoe vs kayak.

Ryan L.

Very helpful
Have you ever priced Kruger Canoes?

Had three of them, a Souris River, and three other nice canoes on your rig?

I’m no collector, no musician. But transporting $16K of canoes at one time…well insurance is all about transferring risk and that is certainly desirable at this time, funny ain’t it!?

Castle Key Insurance through Allstate
Boat owners policy is pretty inexpensive I pay about $36 per year and covers equipment such as roof racks. Last year my Yakima roof racks were stolen and the insurance kicked in $250 towards purchase. I have a $50 deductible.

Medical and liability is covered should your boat fly off the car and hit another vehicle.

Hey, Joe!
What other boats you bringing besides the Kruger? Is Mick going to part with any of the Placids? Good luck with the insurance, my friend! TW

Double Check Price
I have a boat insurance policy with State Farm for one kayak. I just paid the premium and it was $75 – not as good as the Allstate policy that was mentioned, but better than what you were quoted on the canoe.

(someone paddles an aluminum grumman)
and isn’t bitter at all!

insurance bill
Just got my boat insurance bill:

Old Town Tripper–$62

Perceptions Gyramax–10

Mohawk Probe–10

Bluehole Starburst 10

Wenonah Jensen18–29

Hydra Duet–11

Dagger Caption–10

Achilles 18’ Raft–30

Tripper is most expensive because all the camping and boating gear is insured with that boat. This reminds me that I need to add some additional boats and kayaks. These are all insured on standard Allstate boat policies. I initially got the policies in the early 80’s mostly to rid myself of any temptation to attempt to recover my boat and gear should I wrap it in a dangerous situation.

Is that covered?
If you destroy your own boat in whitewater, is that also covered?