integrated skeg

I was looking at a Perc. Monterey and the 14 has integrated and the 13.5 has a drop what does this mean? thanks for an answer

hey dirt
I think they are one and the same. The skeg is integrated (inside the boat) till you drop it. I think it can be called either. Am I right folks?

To me…
… A drop skeg is one that can be raised and lowered. An integrated skeg would be a fixed part of the hull.

In this case though, they look to be the same hardware on both Montereys - going by the top view pictures. Just a difference in the marketing text.

That’s just what we need…
…marketing hacks confusing even more terminology. Ugh!

technically speaking…
the skeg is the trailing aft-most portion of the hull. Every ‘tracking’ boat has one, whitewater boats don’t. Rocker shaves away the skeg. Integrated should imply non-adjustable.


How to splain those “integrated
rudders” a certain manufacturer was touting a few years back ?

The original Nordkapp design might be a good example of integrated skeg.

tho you could say
a Necky SKY has an intregal skeg. The ol’ Nordy had a DEEP integral skeg.


Some Eddyline
and Mariner’s have sort of an integrated skeg in their hulls I believe, as does my daughter Umiak.

Pic of an integrated Skeg
on my Nordkapp

Click on Nordkapp and it is there.